Energy Medicine is the Future of all Medicine
                                               C. Norman Shealy, M.D.                             

My name is Elizabeth Lucey, Certified Practitioner of Soul Focused Healingan advanced, scientific form of energy medicine that works through the perfected anatomical design of the energy field through the Chakra System. 

Energy is the basis of all living, active organisms and is expressed through levels of vibration or energy bodies: physical/etheric, psychological (emotional-mental) and spiritual (higher emotional-mental).  The compilation of the energy body makes up the aura, the quality and vitality of which represents the state of ones health, consciousness and life experience as well as the extent to which one is directly connected to and receiving essential, quality Source energy.

Caring for one's energy body is essential for healthy living and dis-ease prevention, treatment and recovery.  Receiving professional energy body care and implementing energetic self care activities such as meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, and meridian tapping (EFT), is part of true health-care.

Dis-ease in one's body and disharmony or limitation in one's life indicate imbalance and often blocked or limited energy flow.  Soul Focused Healing facilitates the return of vital energy flow and balance throughout the energetic anatomy of the human being. Expressed in terms of energy centers or Chakras and associated pathways, this includes the more commonly known 7 primary centers associated with the physical body as well as the 5 primary centers associated with the soul body - the causal level of dis-ease.

Ellirose Energy Healing is dedicated to health and well being through the advancement of energy medicine, a part of the growing field of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), in the form of professional service and education.

        When there is complete unobstructed inflow from the soul to the seven vitalizing centers, you have perfect heath...  — Alice Bailey, Esoteric Healing

          The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body
and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated
. — Plato

                             Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented via energy field assessment

                                                 – George Crile, Sr. MD Founder of the Cleveland Clinic




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Before a personal session is conducted, clients must consent that they understand that an energy healing session conducted by Rev. Elizabeth Lucey is not a physician/patient relationship, so it will not provide a medical diagnosis, prescribe medicine, or give psychotherapy.