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The Energy Field

The human body is part of a large, dynamic energetic body. An electromagnetic field of energy surrounds, flows through and gives rise to our physical body. As exists the anatomical design for the physical body so too exists the anatomical design of the energy body. Within this design are main vortexes of energy known as Chakras. In Soul Focused Healing, we work through the Chakras of the Body, Mind and Soul to facilitate healing at the causal level and thus at all levels.

The Chakras 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or turning and refers to a wheel-like vortex or concentrated center of energy. Chakras throughout our body receive energy into our being which is then transmitted throughout via energetic pathways known as Nadis or channels. The Chakras and related pathways, the Chakra system, can be thought of as an energetic irrigation system allowing energy to flow in and nourish all aspects of our being. Energy flows in, combines with our constitution and flows out.  Click to learn more..