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Soul Focused Healing

Soul Focused Healing is a profound, ancient art of energy healing that facilitates the restoration of vital energy flow within our bio-electric Field, known as the subtle energy body. The bio-electric field consists of twelve vortexes of energy known as Chakra’s and interlinking energy pathways.

The seven Chakra’s of the body regulate the physical functions of the body and brain and hold our emotional and mental patterning. The five Chakras of the soul contain the causal level of dis-ease and the potential for greater expression of intelligent love and wisdom.

Clearing blocks caused by stress, trauma and painful life experience re-opens the pathways for unobstructed flow of vital higher frequency energy. This is essential for healing, health and well-being on all levels: Body, Mind and Soul.   To learn more about a healing session click here

Axiatonal Alignment

During an Axiatonal Alignment, our physical and energy bodies are reunited with the universal axiatonal lines. The alignment actually directly connects us with he higher aspects of our Soul and provides a remarkable healing experience. In receiving the alignment one can awaken to a deeper level of his or her divine essence and purpose. The axiatonal alignment was originally developed by Janet Divganni, and more recently taught by Eric Pearl as The Reconnection®.