Soul Focused Healing facilitates the restoration of vital energy flow within our Bio-electric Field, known as the subtle energy body. The Bio-electric field consists of twelve primary vortexes of energy known as Chakra’s and interlinking energy pathways. The seven chakra’s of the body regulate the physical functions of the body and brain and hold our emotional and mental patterning. The five chakras of the soul contain the causal level of dis-ease and the potential for greater expression of intelligent love and wisdom and our divine essence.

Emotional and mental stress, trauma and negative life experiences cause blocks and restriction that act like kinks in a hose and limit the flow of essential nourishing energy and lower it’s vibration. Over time, this results in dis-ease at the physical level. Clearing these blocks and addressing the associated causes restores the pathways for unobstructed flow of vitalizing energy. A healthy flow of energy is necessary for both prevention and treatment of any physical dis-ease. One can think of this as similar to the essential flow of blood throughout the circulatory system.